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Tumsupe rashness

by on May.30, 2010, under Tumsupe river

A nice view from the boat at Tumsupe riverAfter unsuccessful try at Starpinupe, went to summer-house and visited local river again. History says that sunday isn’t the best day here. And actually it started dramatically, because i have ruined my spinning rod. What a rashness! Another bad day, after a penalty to fishing control yesterday.

But i was determined to catch at least something today, and it turned out to take 5 hours to land a single pike. But it was caught, cleaned from parasites and released! Caught pike was very tiny and looks as if it is only 1 year old.

Illegal to keep pike with a parasite on its back

1 pike (35cm) — catch & release

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Summer-house season opener

by on May.23, 2010, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

After quite a disappointment tournament at Kanieris lake yesterday (in terms of pikes) i was determined to catch something today at the summer-house river — Tumsupe.

It was very sunny day with high temperatures and taking into consideration that i was at river at midday i wasn’t hoping for a big fish. But i knew i will catch something since it is my home river, which i know the best. And yet another sunbathing day today.

Well known places gave result once again, since this year nothing changed. 1 pike and 2 perches were caught and released to their natural habitat — let them grow.

This is what i found on a snag underwater

1 pike (40cm), 2 perches — catch & release

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Fishing on sunday

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Perch with Blue Fox Vibrax in his mouthThis time it didn’t happen on saturday, but i was in the mood and i went to my summerhouse on sunday morning. Weather promised good fishing this week. It was warm cloudy autumn day with a lot of leafs in water. But my inside feelings weren’t just right. That’s how it really happened. 4 hours of quite stupid casting with no decent result. This perch with his teared lip was successfully released to its wild habitat!

I hesitated what to put as a main picture, and decided to put the one and only fish today, just to neglect the bad result. Next week planning to visit Kanieris lake.

Swan family
Perch on the hook
Perch in my hand
Releasing a perch

1 perch (160g)

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Chilling in the sun

by on Sep.19, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Chilling in the sun on the river TumsupeThis has come to be a good habit to be on the same river on the same week day for me. This time weather was very pleasant, which allowed me to fish topless today. 🙂 It was kinda cold when windy, but “russian pacani” are not afraid of that.

So fishing. Unsatisfactory day again, just one small pike and an average perch. The pike is probably 1 year old, perch may be older. Both released to their natural wild habitat. Pike was undersize, while perch was legal size. In Latvia for pike minimal size is 50cm, 19cm for perch. One pike managed to get away in the process of fishing and was also small.

Total this year so far: 6 pikes (2 pikes are 1kg each), 6 perches (1 perch 300g).

Pike with toxic Blue Fox Vibrax in mouth
Perch with toxic Blue Fox Vibrax in mouth
Pike and perch in the boat together
Pike and a perch together in water

pike 34cm (260g), perch 23cm (100g)

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The 4th encounter

by on Sep.06, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

River in septemberGuess where am i today? At the place, i want to return back again and again. At the place you all want to come to, or just hate because of my stupid posts. 🙂 Today was the day when you catch nothing and do learn from it. Not to repeat this kind of mistakes in future.

Me and a friend of mine planned this fishing to be on Sunday, so we did it again – no fucking weather dependencies. What it was to be today that is what we were destined to survive. I have to say i was expecting much more softer conditions. Heavy rain with quite cold wind blowing at you when you are wet and think less fishing with no results. It was quite a nasty and deductive fishing today. So stay tuned, because next week results are inevitable.

May be next week i will try to go fishing in the early morning like all the normal fishermen actually do! 🙂 At least i shall think that i have done everything to succeed next time.


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