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No faith – no fish

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Float rod, Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

River is waking up at 5:00 AMToday decided to try it seriously, woke up at 5.00 AM, and at 6.00 AM i was already in the boat with a float rod and a first rudd caught. I was doing good, but the rudd was really small. The only reason why i kept almost all of the rudd is – i don’t really like it.

It was time to switch to spinning, and may be it was too late. Desperate attempts to catch anything helped me to land only one undersized pike today.

1 pike (released), 1kg of rudd and roach

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Lack of something

by on Jun.10, 2012, under Float rod, Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

River in the morningTried everything today – spinning, float rod and rings. Had a lot of time, but today was not the case. Previous week glory did not repeat! 🙂 Spinning was completely empty today. Some rudds and roaches on float rod. But predators were absolutely silent today, as if there no predators in the river. Was kinda disappointing experience today.

Next time will concentrate on spinning. Previous years proved that spinning in the summer on this river gives good results.

washout (rudds and roaches)

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First results and a respectable pike

by on May.26, 2012, under Float rod, Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

1.3kg pike on Tumsupe riverSo much effort on previous attempts and no results. Today it was rainy, but warm and no wind and pike liked it. Pikes and perches were moving today. First pike came in 5 minutes, but was a micro-size, released. Another 10 minutes and the second one in the boat, much bigger, but after a little hesitation still released (about 700g).

It was a break then for some reason, so i switched to float rod and it started raining. Found a nice place with respectable rudds and roaches and landed few, still no tench this season.

Switched to spinning, and bingo first bite on popper this season – but the pike missed. 🙂 At least some adrenaline boost. 5 minutes later on spinner another 700g pike, decided to keep it, just in case.

4 pikes, biggest 1.3kg, 59cm (2 released), 2 perches, roached and rudds

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Third fail on Tumsupe, fourth overall

by on May.20, 2012, under Float rod, Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

After Kanieris, still decided to try my luck with float rod on Tumsupe river, today was dedicated to catching tench. From time to time tried spinning. But fail again, no tench, no pike on spinning, no pike on rings. Only roaches and rudds, even not a single perch. Overall this season caught only roaches, rudds and bleaks on kanieris. 🙂 Quite funny results. From 4 fishing attempts – 1kg of fish. But somehow i am quite sure fifth fail will not happen! 🙂 Will still try my luck!

washout (~0.4kg of rudds and roaches)

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Roach on macaroni

by on Sep.25, 2011, under Float rod, Spinning, Tumsupe river

Roach tend to eat macaroni in AutumnAlways wanted to try angling on macaroni, heard a lot about it, but never tried. Now the time had finally come.

I was surprised, because fish really liked it more than an earthworm or a corn. Funny thing is that exactly on September 25 last year i was fishing in the same place with float rod. Could actually compare my results. Last year i caught only one big roach. Today there were three, weighing more than 200g.

Didn’t have much time for spinning today, but still managed to catch one perch on Megabass Dog-X walker (first perch on walker). Pike was still silent.

1 perch, 1 kg of roaches and rudds

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