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All alone at the same river

by on Sep.12, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Pike with grassAnalyzing the failure last week, i came to very simple conclusion. Last week fishing was on sunday, when all previous on saturdays. May be it is that simple. I am pretty ok with that since i don’t want to believe that i have no talent for fishing. 🙂

Today i woke up at 6:30 A.M., which means i am really serious. My father drove to the river, and left me there for 6 hours of constant hunting for the big grandma pike. It turned out to be quite ineffective to wake up so early in September. I caught my one and only pike at 9:30 AM. I should say that today’s fishing was unsatisfactory. The weather was clear and sunny with no wind and no sign of rain. May be this was to be the main reason for my poor results today.

At least i went boating and got a lot of pleasure being on the river in the middle of forest on this beautiful and shiny autumn day.

Rising sun
Family of swans
Pike in boat
Lure above the boat

1 pike (33cm)

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Again at the same place

by on Aug.29, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

I am a big fan of fishing now. Another saturday means another fishing for me, despite all the weather forecasts.

Rainy weatherWeather wasn’t promising good times, but i still packed the boat and drove to river once again, just after pumping the boat, and making some tries it started raining heavily. I shouldn’t say something, my feelings were terrible at that moment. I went to the riverside and next half an hour was spent sitting under the boat in a quite cold and damp conditions. This rain could stop may be 80% of the fisherman, not me. After the rain i went to the river again, to my luck it wasn’t raining for the next 5 hours i was fishing.

That’s not all difficulties today. I was fishing for three and a half hour without any success, this could stop another 15% percent of the remaining 20% of fishermen today. But i had an aim today. I went to a place, my friend told me, and it took me quite an effort to get there through all the grass and cane. And what do you think – still nothing there.

I needed to settle a little bit and think what i was doing wrong. To my fortune my father called me and it really stopped my stupid casting of the lure and i tried to visualize how the bite shall happen. I took a deep breath, casted the spinner and bingo a hit and i’ve got the result. 1kg pike was battling very hard, but had no chances to escape. 4 hours wait was at last rewarded with a pike.

Afterwards i wasn’t very focused and fishing became more relaxed and not depending on result. But the result came i catched a 25cm long perch, which is a very good result. I should say that it is very tough task to catch a 1kg pike in this river. If you think you will get better results i welcome you to come here and beat me!

The place
Pike in boat
Pike in my hand
Fish fry above the paddle
25cm perch with Blue Fox Super Vibrax lure
Me and a catch
Catch on August 29, 2009
1kg pike and 25cm perch

1 pike (50cm, 1kg), 4 perches (biggest 25cm, 200g)

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Small river pike fishing

by on Aug.22, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

2 pikes and a perchIt was my second outing only in 2009 and i should say i wasn’t fishing for a couple of years at least. Denis visited me today, and agreed to make a little boat trip. We took a boat and went to the river and it was quite a lucky day! If you catch 1kg pike at this river – you are lucky!

The place is called Tumšupe (in translation from latvian means dark river). It has most common fish in Latvia: pike, perch, rudd and roach and some say trout (never seen one yet).

I shall try to update every week from now on.

Boat Nyrok on the grass
Holding a 1kg pike
2 pikes and a perch
I am holding a pike
2 pikes and a perch
This pike looks evil on the grass
Smaller pike is ready to be grilled

2 pikes (53cm and 35cm), 1 perch

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Spinning on a small river

by on Aug.15, 2009, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

On Tumsupe riversideIt is my first time fishing this year, and after quite a big period of time. I went to a small river near my summer house, called Tumšupe (dark river). It is located near place also called Tumsupe.

I didn’t have boat today, that’s why i wasnt’t actually hoping for a fish at all, not talking about big ones. But still i wanted to catch something, and yes it happened for some reason today. May be the reason is that i wanted to get back to my hobby at last and spend time in a healthier way, than sitting at home.

1 pike (38cm)

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