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Popper washout

by on Aug.14, 2010, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Popper was helpless today, and that's how he actually looks now :)I was trying to catch big pike on popper on Tumsupe today, but only perches where active and all caught on spinner, and a small pike also landed into the boat, but it was very small and surely released. I don’t ussually release perches though, but there are a lot of them in this river.

There were several strikes on popper, but without any success, the day was very hot above 30°C today and this time fish didn’t really like it, may be the water temperature was too high for fish.

This perch was either hit by my lure, or attacked by a pike
This perch was either hit by my lure, or attacked by a pike

1 pike (160g), 5 perches (5x100g)

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Heat at Tumsupe river

by on Jul.11, 2010, under Tumsupe river

The best result of the season so far insipe of the abnormal heat (4 pikes)Day1. On Saturday morning we went to the river with Jura at 8 AM, and were shocked – water was brown – no chance for catching anything, visibility in water was 5cm, but we tried and of course didn’t succeed.

Day 2. Many of you next day would probably skip fishing (it was +33°C and no wind), but not me! I woke up only at 11 AM and went to the river and it was already +30°C, burning sun and no clouds or wind whatsoever. Everyone (my dad) told me i won’t catch anything today, but i did catch and a lot (for Tumsupe river)! Approximately at 1 PM i found a nice place for popper and catched two undersize pikes after that no bites till i got to my favorite place at 3 PM and all remaining fish was caught there in a period of 30 minutes — shouldn’t have waisted time on other parts of the river.

First pike of the day (the smallest one), catched 12:00, +30°C, released to its natural habitat
Third pike of the day (the biggest one), catched 15:00, +33°C
Total for July 11, 2010

4 pikes (50 cm, 800g; 48cm, 650g); 3 perches (biggest 23cm, 200g). Total of 2kg

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Respectful result

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Tumsupe river

Holding 53cm pike (1.1kg) on Tumsupe riverHello, there! Wasn’t fishing for quite a long time, more than a month. Broken spinning rod and penalty from fishing control really took me out of the mood for fishing for some time. But, as we all know, difficulties makes you stronger and more stubborn.

So i woke up quite late, at 8:30 AM and moved to the river, after all formalities in half an hour i was sunbathing in the morning sun, without any strikes whatsoever. Fish woke up later on, and i landed first two perches after an hour. At 11:00 AM i had a strike of credit size pike (i should say it is first pike of over 50cm this year) and successfully landed it into the boat. Wohoo. It took half a year to catch normal pike.

After that i had some fun with active perches landing another six of them home, one of them was a personal record for me – 26cm. 7 perches were released to their natural habitat. Also had fun fishing with popper — had 6 strikes, but all i had from it is an eye of perch. I didn’t want that to happen that way – see photos.

I should mention that this is a respectful result for this small river, many of you who experienced fishing here – will understand me!

This tiny perch managed to suck in a #3 pike spinner
Perch is rushing home!
Do not leave your lures on stubs
This pike had a 10cm perch inside
A beautiful perch
My handsome perch (26cm)
Releasing a perch to natural habitat
Perch's eyeball on popper
The fish of the day

1 pike (53 cm, 1kg); 8 perches (biggest 26cm, 250g) — 7 perches — catch & release

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