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Four pikes in a row

by on Jul.02, 2011, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

800g pike, caught on popper todayIt was a hot, partly cloudy and very windy day. I moved to the river at 4 PM only. On this place hot weather means active predator fish. Last year in july i had a lot of pikes and perches caught!

Went to my favourite spot, which produced 3 pikes and 2 perches in one hour. Pike weren’t giant unfortunately but one perch was ok. I wouldn’t be myself if i would have stopped at this moment. I still had plenty of time. I went on discovering the remainig river lower parts. It was hard, very few strikes but still successful. My popper worked very well and landed me a 800g (51cm) pike and a 280g (27cm) perch! Popper made my biggest fish and all adrenaline today (like it always does), while spinner made the biggest number of fish.

A beautiful Tumsupe river view
280g perch, caught on popper
Two biggest pike and two biggest perches today

4 pikes (2 released), 4 perches (biggest 280g)

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Identical perches

by on Jun.05, 2011, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Absolutely the same perchesHeaded to the river hoping of a good result, because heat at this river means fun. Fish starts to move and feed.

All pikes today were to small to keep them and all came from the same place. Perches too. And this place is the one that always produces result. Wasting time on other spots is useless. Next time will focus on this place and then just leave the river. That would be more wise.

Releasing a baby pike

3 pikes (all released), 2 perches

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Summerhouse start-up

by on May.28, 2011, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

1 pike and 2 perches (about 1,6kg of fish)First time at summer-house for the whole weekend this year! Planned my fishing on saturday afternoon, which was correct decision, due to cloudy weather today. It looked like it will start raining but it didn’t. On sunday it was raining all day long.

Wasting time is useless – i went to the hot spot, proven with years. 3 pikes and a solid perch in 15 minutes. Three hours after that made me only 1 perch from another hot spot 1km away. But this perch was worth the wait. The biggest so far for me and a personal record 29cm, 400g.

All fish kept are allowed according to the local fishing rules (pike 53cm, perches 29cm and 21cm).

This place has fish for sure
400g perch (29cm)
1.1kg pike (53cm)
Releasing a baby pike

3 pikes (1,1kg – 53cm), 2 perches (400g -29cm)

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Popper washout

by on Aug.14, 2010, under Spinning, Tumsupe river

Popper was helpless today, and that's how he actually looks now :)I was trying to catch big pike on popper on Tumsupe today, but only perches where active and all caught on spinner, and a small pike also landed into the boat, but it was very small and surely released. I don’t ussually release perches though, but there are a lot of them in this river.

There were several strikes on popper, but without any success, the day was very hot above 30°C today and this time fish didn’t really like it, may be the water temperature was too high for fish.

This perch was either hit by my lure, or attacked by a pike
This perch was either hit by my lure, or attacked by a pike

1 pike (160g), 5 perches (5x100g)

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Tumsupe relaxation

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Tumsupe river

A pike and 6 perches caught today (3 pikes and a perch got away). P.S. Trying to demonstrate my abs lolAfter another Kanieris dissapointment (i am unlucky there), went to the summer-house to visit my lucky places again. Took a long Salmo 2.70m rod with me (which i have recently fixed) and it turned out to be a problem later.

So i took my godfather to drive to the river and leave there (didn’t want my car to stay in the forest). It was about 5 PM already, and i was hoping for an evening grandma pike’s strike. Start was very fun indeed, second cast turned out to be a large perch, which just turned away after i grabbed him, long rod in my boat turned out to be a fatal, i couldn’t reach fish. The only pike landed today was caught on popper.

Boat is ready for a trip
This skinny perch somehow ate Blue Fox Spinner #3
Result today, the only pike was caught on Rapala Skitter Pop (frog)
This beautiful perch was caught next day (August 6) by the old man on my toast bread

1 pike (600g), 6 perches

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