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Pikeperch output

by on Aug.18, 2012, under Spinning, Daugava river

Beautiful fish - pikeperch (caught by Jura and released)Jura offered me to go to Daugava river with his motor boat this Saturday. I was free to go, so no excuses available! 🙂 It wasn’t our first attempt on Daugava, but the first it was so unsuccessful, so i didn’t even described it in my blog, was too lazy for that.

Today it was another story as everything worked as it should have. To my shame it worked well for Jura only! 🙂 Because my result today is a small perch, i quickly released. But for Jura it was 5 pikperches (zanders) and 2 perches.

This beauty was caught by Jura, not me

1 perch (released), Jura – 5 pikeperches (2.1kg, 1.7kg, 3 released), 2 perches (1 released)

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Beautiful recreation

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Float rod, Spinning, Tumsupe river

A 300g perchReally enjoyed fishing today, absolutely no wind and a nice warm weather, not too cold. Just enough! Also active fish! All these factors made this day a good one!

Started with spinning today and a small pike in no time. After a while an amazing perch! A big one for this river – on spinner of course. All pikes and perches were caught on spinner today.

3 pikes (2 released), 5 perches (biggest 300g, 28cm), 1kg of rudd and roach

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Perch in the heat

by on Jul.28, 2012, under Float rod, Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

Nice looking perchWas on the river only after 7:00 AM, because slept away, was planning wake up at 4:30 AM! 🙂

Wasted time on float rod and catching rudd and roach, they are fun! But should have moved to the river from the very start, because perch was active today, as always in the heat. Lost precious time, that’s why only 5 perches. It was a funny moment, when a perch was already on the hook – pike attacked him and what i saw was a big suprise, two fish on the lure! 🙂 Pike with a perch in its jaws! First time i see something like that. Of course saw it on youtube before, but for me it is the first time.

By the way it was +34° C today and for Latvia it is abnormal temperature even in July.

5 perches (1 released), 0.5kg of rudd and roach

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Small pikes and a tick bite

by on Jun.30, 2012, under Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

A 200g pike (released)Dedicated this day to spinning. Pretty warm weather made me hope for a perch activity today. Perch was a little bit more active, than usually, and i even managed to catch four of them today! 🙂 Two small pikes on walker and one standard pike on spinner. Great weather, slightly windy, good mood.

But the next day my positive mood was all gone, because i noticed a tick in my leg. Wasn’t really surprised, but just don’t like all the problems, coming with it. Last time i was bitten 10 years ago or so.

3 pikes (2 released), 4 perches

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Weak results

by on Jun.16, 2012, under Rings, Spinning, Tumsupe river

A 500g pikeDecided to concentrate on spinning today. It was a late start today, only at 1 PM i was in the boat, seeking for my luck. Had a couple of strikes on walker, but missed. Switched to my favorite Blue Fox spinners, but golden one (perch) didn’t work today. May be because of the bright sun. Only when sun disappeared and i switched to silver spinner, first micro pike was caught.

Found a place where guys always angle with live bait. Tried my luck there – turned out to be a good place. Two more pikes and a perch were caught here. The second pike and the perch were micros. 🙂 But the last pike was already a standard for this river – 40cm, 500g. Also tried perch as a live bait on ring. Was chilling in the boat waiting for some action. But obviously pike was inert today. Still waiting for my grandma-pike to come! 🙂

3 pikes (biggest 500g), 1 perch – all released

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