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Kanieris Spring 2010

by on May.22, 2010, under Spinning, Kanieris lake

It is Championships day today at Kanieris Lake, called “Kanieris Spring 2010”, it is held annually in May. Me and Jura registered 3 weeks prior to this tournament. I have to mention that it is the first experience for us, competing with other fishermen here in Latvia.We woke up at 3:00 AM today and started our journey to success. At 4:20 AM we were at the boat station and joined the line to get the boat, where mosquitoes were biting us badly. It was a lot of people here wishing to show what they are capable of. After all formalities at 05:00 the tournament officially started. We went to the well known place and only at 06:15 landed the first pike – it was 640g and 45cm long. It was Jura who made it, and it took only 10 minutes to catch the second — 42cm and the last one for him and for us. According to tournament rules we had nothing to show, since the smallest allowed pike should be 50cm long. In our team it was Juran’s day, since he blanked me 2—0.

Overall it was good experience, good weather, great sunbathing, very positive recreation today, which is recommended to everyone!

By the way, the winners had 2 pikes of total weight of 6.7kg, the biggest pike today was 3.4kg! Quite a modest result for Kanieris Lake, overall it was a bad bite today. Fish knows when to hide!

Sunrise at Kanieris lake
This is the boat you will probably get at Kanieris lake boat station
The smallest fish of the Kanieris Spring 2010 tournament
Jura is scratching my ass with legs
Referee with the biggest pike of the tournament (3.4kg)

washout, Juran — 2 illegal pikes

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Season opener at Kanieris

by on May.02, 2010, under Spinning, Kanieris lake

I am holding an illegal size pike at lake Kanieris on May 2, 2010Today is official season opener at lake Kanieris for us (for everyone else it was yesterday). 🙂 It was a tough winter this year, and a lot of fish died at Kanieris, but i suppose that majority managed to survive.

At last me and Jura are at the lake this year full of hopes etc. So we were at the lake at 10 AM, which is too late, but not in the early spring. It was just fine — first fish landed the boat at 12:00. It was kinda weird, that Jura caught 3 pikes in 10 minutes from the same place, while i was finishing my sandwich with coke and watching with square eyes. It was weird, because pikes do not group usually. It looks as if they do actually group in spring after spawning. And yes, by the way, i was loosing 3-0 at that time.

I hate to loose any competition i am taking part in — fishing with Jura was also a challenge for me, that’s why i have tried my best to catch him, but third pike got away just near the boat. I did lost today. And i have to mention that all pikes were too small to keep them — all five released to their natural habitat!

Kanieris boat rent station at

Rules of your behavior at Kanieris Lake
Hall of fame at Kanieris lake
Hall of fame at Kanieris lake

2 pikes — illegal (catch & release), Juran — 3 illegal pikes (catch & release)

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Easter at Starpinupite

by on Apr.04, 2010, under Spinning, Kanieris lake

A beautiful view of the Starpinupite canalVisited Starpinupite today. Starpinupite is a channel which connects Lake Kanieris and the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic sea.

I might consider this as my first fishing attempt this year. Was not surprised to see such a strong current in this time of year, so it wasn’t meant to be the successful fishing today. It was snowy winter this year and very frosty too. Not a surprise that many of the large lakes in Latvia will be completely open in the middle of the April. And it is not allowed to catch pikes in April here in Latvia.

Actually if you want to fish in lake Kanieris or even here at Starpinupite you have to purchase a license at the boat station! Two years ago at least the channel was free for all.

A view from the forest at Starpinupite canal and a part of lake Kanieris
Starpinupite in April 2010
Blue Fox Super Vibrax #5 catched only grass today on Kanieris lake
Blue Fox Super Vibrax #5 catched only grass today on Kanieris lake


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Kanieris experience

by on Oct.31, 2009, under Spinning, Kanieris lake

I am holding a 1.4kg pikeWell, today me and my friend Sergei went to this lake, in Latvia Kanieris is also known as Pike paradise. The last time i was here it was pike absence and a lot of negative emotion with broken rods and penalties for speed limits. OK, sorry, forgot everything bad and always focus on positive! 🙂 Today again a lot of hopes but inside i was ready for a hard fishing with very humble results. We came at 8 AM, but there were just few boats left.

The weather was windy and also a little snow and 3° C. No strikes till 12 AM when illegal size pike ate my Manns1-Minus. It was may be 40cm long and 560g of weight. And of course released to its natural habitat. After that another 4 hours of nothing. So i took one spinner i had never had fish with and tried my luck. The spinner is Wirek Lusk #2 red. It turned out to be the correct decision. Bingo! I have my personal best pike. Don’t smile – it is only 1.40kg of weight and 57cm long. But it is my record pike ever by weight and length, but by length i had such fish before!

Interesting fact the pike i caught had another pike in its stomach, which was born this spring i assume, see photos.

Blue Fox Super Vibrax #5 catched only grass today on Kanieris lake
0.5kg pike on the bottom of the boat
I am holding a half kilo pike
Sergey holding a 0.5kg pike in the boat on Kanieris lake
This shit always happens when you cast deep and use spinners
Pike with a much smaller pike in its stomach
I am holding my record 1.4kg pike on Kanieris lake
Pike with a much smaller pike in its stomach

Full archive of photos

2 pikes (57cm and 40cm) — smaller one released

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Kanieris washout

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Spinning, Kanieris lake

I am feeding a family of swans on lake KanierisAt last we are here at Kanieris, me and Jura. We came to boat station at 8 AM. I bought 2 licenses and paid the boat rent. We went fishing hoping for really good results.

In the morning it was just okay, temperature about 3°C. But after the hour of fishing it becomes complicated. The lake is unknown to me, hard to orientate, and you have to guess where the fish is. Weather is windy, eastern wind is really cold and annoying today. Waves are coming and trying to break through inside the boat. Frankly speaking, i wasn’t ready for such circumstances, and fishing was really unpleasant today. Hard to speak about any descent result when you are trying to keep your fingers on legs and hands warm, and starting not to feel them from time to time.

A have to mention that i broke my semi-pro spinning rod today, because i was careless with it. No fish caught with that stick, so it is unlucky – will buy a new one. May be i am not even semi-pro to handle such tackles yet. It was good experience after all, personally for me and it is the second washout this year, from eight tries. Not so bad, it is spinning still. All we could do today is feed a family of swans – you may see a video too!

Swan family at lake Kanieris
Swan family at lake Kanieris #2
Swan family at lake Kanieris #3


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